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Lively Architecture to discover For the forth consecutive year in Languedoc Roussillon, lively architecture will penetrate and appropriate themselves the courtyards of private mansions of the very heart of Montpellier.

The festival aims at welcoming a large audience as well as the field of architecture. It attaches great value to introducing and highlighting the work of a new generation of creators… But it also wants to highlight forgotten eras and places, and allow us to discover unexpected urban territories.

The festival offers a walk through the city, sort of an architecture discovery in the very heart of the city. This walk links together private mansions of the 17th century and their courtyards that are often closed to public, and only open to their inhabitants.

The city of Montpellier possesses more than seventy private mansions, providing the escutcheon of Montpellier proper characteristics. The aims of the Festival are on one side to open these emblematic sites to the audience.

And on the second hand, thanks to the intervention of teams of young creators to present a unique architecture, conceived for one particular site, and to reveal an intimate relationship between contemporary architecture and heritage.


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