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The study involved AKA [Federica Caccavale, Alessandro Casadei, Paolo Pineschi] ee Nadav Engel won the contest organized by the Municipality of Reggio Calabria for the for the execution of an Experimental Television Center and Educational and cultural establishments of Italcitrus of Reggio Calabria .

DIGITAL ORIGAMI: The intervention is a strong signal and in the urban landscape. Not only the antenna and the new building but also the soil and the entire complex is designed as a sculpture, a work of land art.

During the night the center is wrapped in a light that starts from the ground and culminates nell'antenna / sculpture, visible in the distance. The center is in itself a communication tool, an interactive device and not a passive container. But the network that surrounds the complex is not only a space of communication, it also works as a bio-climatic skin.

E 'ecological system in a passive (protection from the hot / cold) in the active (with the inclusion of photovoltaic panels).

Findings of the Jury The project proposal offers the most elegant and original balance between existing and new architectural language through a unified and communicative impact. Complete addresses the theme of the contest, responding to new needs, combining architecture, function and sustainability. The project is characterized by a reticular film unifying, elegant and transparent, which covers and protects the buildings and the existing building but also generates new body construction which incorporates the element (Landmark) antenna, which gives a striking impact to stage expression of the new Center, through the effects of changing color of the "skin" inspired by the colors of places (from citrus fruit to the sea). Moreover, all the infrastructure of "coverage" has an important regulatory function microclimatic and active co-generation of energy. Yet to reveal the sound of space, with particular attention to those external to nature revealing new places convincing and original .

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